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The mixture of concrete can build a beautiful building or house with good resource. A good concrete makes the building stand tall and strong with foundation. We can make to see our house in an artistic way that is decorative exposed aggregate concrete driveways. We exposed aggregate concrete driveways have expert and skilled workers and we concrete team have a lot of pride in laying exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Melbourne.

Concrete driveways Melbourne 

We do lay exposed aggregate concrete, but also lay stencil pattern concrete driveways, colored concrete driveways and slate impression concrete driveways.

Some other concrete is like, color concrete, spray on paving, slate impression, stencil pattern concrete and concrete garden edging.

Ø  Color concrete: colored concrete for driveways is created by a process of tinting, rather than painting. Our process involves applying a surface color topping which is then towed into the top surface of the into the top surface of the concrete.


Ø  Spray on paving: spray-on pattern can apply on both old and new concrete. So this creates the uniqueness on paving and Different colors attract the on-goers eyes.


Ø  Slate impression: slate impression is the replica of stone and slate, it is a perfect for choosing a color vibrant, classy two toned look.


Ø  Stencil pattern concrete: stencil pattern concrete it is covered with color stone and peppy color.


Ø  Concrete garden edging: concrete garden edging is pumped out with a machine which can give different shapes and different profiles.


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